General Sessions

Ryan Ward

Introduction: Audio Video

Dr. Christopher, Leon, and Angela Yuan

Out of a Far Country: Audio Video

Dr. Christopher Yuan

A Christian Response to Homosexuality: Audio Video

Leon and Angela Yuan

Ordinary Parents, Extraordinary Father: Audio Video

Dr. Christopher Yuan

Redeeming Biblical Singleness: Audio Video

Ken Smith, Jonathan Murrell, Dr. Heather Wheeler, Dr. Christopher Yuan, Danny Johnson

Speaker Panel: Audio Video

Dr. Christopher Yuan

Homosexuality: Nature or Nurture: Audio Video

Ryan Ward

Wrap Up: Audio Video


The Church: Ken Smith

The Church: Friend of Sinners: Audio Video
The Church: Welcome Home: Audio Video
The Church: The New Life in Christ: Audio Video

The Family: Dr. Wheeler, Jonathan Murrell

The Family: The Talk: Audio Video
The Family: Be Prepared: Audio Video
The Family and Youth: Scrolling Through Life: Audio Video

The Individual: Jeffrey Scogin

The Individual: A Love Affair in the Grave: Audio Video
The Individual: Healing the Wounds of Sexual Sin: Audio Video
The Individual: Helping the Abused: Audio Video