Looking for youth ministry training? Montana Bible College has it. We have three concentrations that all lend themselves to youth ministry.
youth ministry
• Recognizing that many youth pastors will gradually move into senior pastor roles as they age and mature, MBC’s pastoral degree is perfect training for youth pastors. Youth pastors need to know and teach the word of God, disciple, counsel, and work with other leaders of their local church. MBC offers specific youth ministry courses that students may take to specifically prepare themselves for ministry for today’s young people.

• MBC also offers an outdoor discipleship degree. We recognize that the outdoor arena is largely populated by young people, and discipleship done through the various outdoor opportunities will need to be extra-aware of issues facing young people. This degree requires youth ministry and culture courses. It is well-suited for the person seeking to use the outdoors as a primary arena for youth ministry and for those looking for camp director training.

• MBC’s most customizable program is the general ministry degree. We’ve built the maximum number of elective credits into this program in order for the student to be able to tailor the program to his or her specific ministry goals and interests. For instance, a student might select a number of pastoral courses such as preaching while also selecting a number of counseling or outdoor discipleship courses.