Montana Bible College offers a pastoral degree program.  We’d invite you to compare our pastoral education to top seminary M-Div (master of divinity) programs.  Our graduates get full training in theology, biblical languages, preaching, and pastoral ministry.

pastoral collage

Most of our graduates go directly into pastoral ministry, but those who do pursue further education are often able to get significant advanced standing at seminary, greatly reducing the time and cost of a master of divinity degree.

Our pastoral graduates finish their education debt-free, enabling a smooth transition to vocational ministry.

Leaders in the church must be able to understand the Word of God and communicate it faithfully, accurately, and effectively in the real world where the people they shepherd live.  Since biblical culture, language, and history differ from our own, good exegesis as well as valid and relevant application depend upon the student’s ability to bridge these gaps.  MBC meets this need by teaching courses in the disciplines of hermeneutics, homiletics, and biblical languages.  MBC also teaches Bible exposition courses on specific books of Scripture from the various literary genres.  Leaders also need to shepherd with purpose, awareness, and wisdom, which is why MBC includes courses on pastoral leadership, rural church ministry, peacemaking, and counseling.