Looking for an affordable bible college? You can attend Montana Bible College for just over $11,000 for an ENTIRE YEAR, including room and board and before any financial help! MBC has a debt-free policy, and we live by it. Our college owes no money. We require our students to pay for a semester before enrolling for the next. That means our graduates are debt-free!

We cordially invite you to take our challenge to simply compare MBC to the cost of other fully accredited four-year bachelor’s degree granting schools. We think you’ll like what you find!


Note: This chart is based on each school’s published costs for the 2014/2015 school year before financial aid. Room and board plans were selected to provide the closest possible comparison (double occupancy and 20 meals per week). Fees include standard charges for all students. Some schools have additional fees for parking, payment plans, etc., which apply to only certain students. Some schools also have mandatory health insurance purchase policies requiring any student without health insurance to buy it through the school. Those costs have not been included in this chart. To see more accurately the cost to you at each college, you can complete each school’s net price calculator.

MBC wishes to be absolutely fair in all comparisons, so we urge you to consider that other schools offer degree programs we do not, have sports programs, and may have expanded student services. But if you’re looking for a college where you can prepare yourself for Christian service and ministry, the affordability of Montana Bible College is outstanding, not to mention other distinctives such as our personal discipleship, our incredible location, our sound doctrine, and our unique awareness of town and country ministry.