Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies – Christian Ethics & Culture Concentration

Students who pursue the Christian ethics and culture concentration typically do so with several areas of ministry in mind.  First, those who are interested in evangelism and ministry on secular university campuses find the focus of this concentration incredibly helpful.  Also, those who desire to continue into seminary studies, though not necessarily into pastoral ministry, have felt more than adequately prepared for graduate level scholastic endeavours through this concentration program.  Finally, some students who have completed this concentration go on to pursue careers in education, fully equipped to speak truth into a world that functions on very unbiblical preconceptions.

An important element for maintaining the integrity of the Church is the ability to discern and articulate the difference between world and church.  Students need to know the Scriptures well enough to articulate the truth of a biblical worldview.  At the same time, cultural influences are subtle and strong.  Students must know the influences of modern culture in order to avoid the problems associated with contextualization.  Every generation is part of a worldly culture; the difficulty is to discern how to be a part of that culture without becoming a reflection of it.

In addition to the objectives of the overall B.A. degree, students completing this concentration will be able to:

  1. Understand and articulate the differences between a biblical worldview and various cultural biases within and outside the Church.
  2. Engage non-Christian ethical theories at both an intellectual and practical level.


See the MBC Catalog for more information such as core curriculum courses, concentration specific courses, and general education requirements.

NOTE:  MBC electives may be filled through any other class offered at MBC that is not already required for the Christian ethics and culture concentration.  This includes, but is not limited to, Greek, Hebrew, additional Bible exposition classes, music classes, or classes required for another concentration.