What You Should Know About Our Programs

Montana Bible College offers a one-year certificate program and a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with six distinct concentrations. All courses of study provide a thorough grounding in the Scriptures, as well as a wealth of ministry-related instruction.

The one-year certificate is identical to the first year of each B.A. program.  This gives you maximum flexibility in decision-making.  For instance, you may complete a one-year certificate and then decide to stay for a degree, and you won’t be behind.  Or you may come intending to complete a degree but unsure of the concentration God would have you complete. Our program allows you to become familiar with each program prior to making a final decision.

Every degree program includes courses designed to help students grow in their understanding of Scripture and their commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. Student discipleship is the key for student growth in maturity, resulting in healthy ministry and Christian living. Students will also engage in ministry training in the classroom and through experience in local churches. Bible exposition courses are offered in a systematic rotation to give students a breadth of study in various authors and literary styles.

Program Offerings