Let’s face the question head-on. Having paid a lot in tuition to Montana Bible College, why should you turn around as an alumni and pay more to support your old school? It’s a fair question! Here are a couple of responses to think about.

  • As a student, were your finances ever tight? Did you or your friends have to take fewer courses due to finances? Did your studies suffer because of the hours you had to work? Does this tug your heart toward empathy for the financial struggle of students?
  • As a student, did you ever receive scholarship help? If you did, it’s evident that someone believed enough to invest in you. Would you have liked to receive more help than you did? Montana Bible College believes in the value of hard work. We believe our students will have more ownership in their education if they work for it. But we also believe students can work too hard! We know that financial pressure is the top reason students aren’t able to complete their education at MBC – even with our tuition which is far lower than most other schools. If you believe God continues to care about raising up leaders for His kingdom in the next generations, we humbly and respectfully challenge you to put your money behind your convictions.
  • We believe that God, not the government, should get the glory for the financial provision of students at MBC. How will He be glorified in this way – by dropping money out of the sky? No. He will be glorified when His people show that His kingdom is so precious to them that it’s worth sacrificing to train up laborers for His harvest field. He is glorified when churches love their students enough to support them. He is glorified when individuals who have enough give cheerfully to help those who don’t. God is glorified when those who would devote themselves to His service are supported so that they can give their full attention to the work to which He has called them. And God will be glorified when your gift to students in need results in many expressions of thanks to our great God! (See 2 Corinthians 9:12.)
  • The alumni of Montana Bible College – you all – are the ones who know the ministry of MBC, who are the legacy of those who entrusted the Word of God to you. Many godly people in the world don’t know about Montana Bible College, but you do.