We aren’t there yet.  We all have more to learn.  We have more growing to do.  That’s why Montana Bible College seeks to instill an impulse for lifelong learning in our students.  As an MBC grad, your school can still assist in your growth and ministry development.  Here’s how:

  1. B.A. degree graduates from Montana Bible College may come back to join us for a class per semester tuition free!  Consider it a graduate “perk”.  We want to continue investing in you!  Call the Registrar for more information (406-586-3585).
  2. We plan to begin recording some of our courses on DVD.  These will be available to graduates for a minimum charge for production and shipping.
  3. MBC puts on an annual Church Leaders Conference.  As a graduate, you may attend for 50% of the normal cost.  We’ll bring in quality people in relevant areas of ministry.  We want you here!
  4. MBC is pleased to offer other special training opportunities.  Please take advantage of them!  If you miss one, download the audio from our web site for free.
  5. We can help you sharpen your disciple-making skills by linking you to good resources.
  6. We can provide ministry aid to those of you in the region through pulpit supply, speaking, and the encouragement of ServantSong.  We are also available for questions and consultation.